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We specialize in preparation of admission exams of national and international including: NUST NET, FAST, SAT, GRE, GMAT, HEC HAT, GAT & NAT...


Online Tuition

Offers e-advice and e-tutoring services via Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype and related technologies.
  • Ideal for students living in remote areas or abroad.
  • Tuition can take place anywhere where facilities are available.
  • Tuition can be on a one-to-one basis or involve a group of students and/or tutors.
  • Students decide which topics they wish to cover in each lesson.
  • Perfect for students who struggle to focus on their school work at home.

Home Tuition

A popular option offering high levels of support to students in specialist subject areas.
  • Typically involves one student and one tutor
  • Offers a highly tailored and specific tuition programme to meet your individual requirements
  • Available for all subjects, levels and age groups (including adults)
  • The student decides which topics to study
  • Receive help with coursework, Individual Skills Assignments (ISA) and exam revision
  • Perfect for students who struggle to focus in a group or classroom environment

Academy Classes

This is our most popular teaching format, preferred by both parents and students. Class sizes can vary up to maximum number of 20 students.
  • Offers a friendly, interactive learning format.
  • Classes are available in core subjects: Maths, English and Science.
  • Proven to improve literacy and numeracy skills, and develop a sound understanding of
  • Work covered in our classes is based on the Boards Curriculum for each Key Stage.
  • Specific topic or bring their own work to the class and seek the help of our tutors.
  • Tuition is delivered at our learning centers every evening and weekend.
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The universities which we work in

We specialize in admission exams preparation for national universities including: NCA, NUST NET, FAST, LUMS, UET, GIKI, ITU, NTU, HEC HAT, GAT, NAT, UHS MDCAT, ECAT etc.

Week-end Special sessions is offered for the preparation of NUST Entry Test examinations. These sessions are boons for students seeking admission in FAST and NUST. As NUST conduct their admission tests well before intermediate exams, so ACES week-end special is a prudent option. These sessions are offered only on Saturdays and Sundays at ACES Islamabad and Online.

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the National College of Arts aspires towards this transformation through various creative means of making and understanding art. The narratives we share are the result of a mélange of ideas from across the country that we celebrate. NCA has maintained a visionary approach to the arts as a pioneer in art and design education in the country. The college now boasts of an impressive number of undergraduate, graduate, MPhil and PhD programmes. There are nine undergraduate, four graduate level and two postgraduate level programmes currently offered by the college. The NCA alumni form the pool of Pakistan’s best artists, architects, designers, film makers, cultural.

National University of Sciences and Technology is a multi-sectoral university, which offers a wide range of study options. By virtue of its merit-based selection, it attracts the most talented students who perpetuate a culture of academic excellence. The academic programs are duly accredited by the respective professional bodies, and the qualifications are recognized internationally for their quality and relevance.

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences is a premiere University of Pakistan, renowned for quality and impact of its students in the development of local software and other industries. The university has five modern campuses at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Chiniot-Faisalabad. These campuses provide world class educational environment and recreational facilities to about over 11,000 students, around one quarter are female and over 500 skilled faculty members.

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Choose a convenient plan

Engineering Exam Preparation

Rs. 40,000
Single course


  • Morning shift starts from 6:00am to 10:00am
  • Evening shift starts from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Rs. 10,000 for any additional Test Preparation
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Paper based or Online Mock Test

Rs. 5,000
Two test per stream


  • Morning shift starts from 6:00am to 10:00am
  • Evening shift starts from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Rs. 2,000 for any additional mock test
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Medical Exam Preparation

Rs. 50,000
Single course


  • Morning shift starts from 6:00am to 10:00am
  • Evening shift starts from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Rs. 10,000 for any additional Test Preparation
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Alfalah Academy

Rajput Town near EME Society, Lahore


J&K Society, G-15/1, Islamabad

Sector I-14/4, Islamabad